Smokey eyes <3

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We all love it and we all want to learn how to apply this.

With this picture by picture I shall try to explain

rock chick Start with eyeshadow primer all over the eyelids



SONY DSCTake some eyegel in black and smudge in on the lid, be careful not to take it too far up. Use a blending brush and blend it smoothly


SONY DSCStart adding an eyeshadow  over the gel and smooth it out to where you like to have it, you can wing it out like I did or you can keep it round shaped. I have used a blend of black and dark blue eyeshadow.


SONY DSCTake a warm shade in brown or orange and blend the upper ends make sure you leave a bit of space between the colour and the brows.


SONY DSCTake a light shimmer shade and blend it on the top end just under the brows, this will lift the look.


SONY DSCBlend some of the dark colour under the eyelids.


SONY DSCMark the waterline (inside of the eyes) with a black pencil to give it a rock look, if you have small eyes you may drop this.


SONY DSCThe finished look!


I braided the sides of her hair and made a mohawk.

Hope you enjoyed the look <3

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